In which I return!

I’m back from a little hiatus in which I got way too sad about not being able to run and bike.  The day of the big triathlon came and went on Sunday, and I did not die.  No.  Instead, my boyfriend and I hopped a plane to D.C., and I almost forgot it was tri day except for all the bicycles I saw with numbers on the back–evidently an event was going on, and I didn’t even know!

We traipsed, we ate, we drank, we sight-saw, we earned blisters and sore muscles, we navigated the Metro, talked to strangers, and enjoyed the glory that is being outside.

For a while, I’ve been obsessing about bikes.  Most recently, this obsession has focused on the desire for a bike to ride to and from work and on errand-running trips.  Only, I’m *kind of* a packrat, and I recently gave my second bike to my mom in order to consolidate space.  Of course, now I’m thrilled that she’s riding my starter bike (a hybrid), but I always want something new.

I’ve gone back and forth–get a folding Citizen bike, like this cute little number?

Use my old Mongoose from college that would not make me shed a tear if it were stolen?

Get something serious and made for hauling shit around, like a Globe Haul or a Globe Live?

And, since I mentioned Globe, I must also confess that I heart the 1930s-Paris style of the Globe Daily immensely (especially the top version).  But, I digress.  I have bills to pay, yo.  Cats to feed.

So, at least for the time-being, I have outfitted my trusty road bike with a rear rack and a tough U-lock.  I haven’t changed the pedals yet, but I’m sure changing shoes will get old soon.

Today went well.  I brought a change of clothes, heels, makeup, and computer with me to work, and I arrived early to change before anyone saw me in my bright orange bike getup.  However, when I changed to go home, I left my helmet back at my desk, so then there was no escaping having the whole office see me in my cycling “skivvies” (really just baggy athletic shorts, cleats, and jersey for this trip, but still.   Sigh.