When and Where to Throw a Punch Without Hurting Anyone Purposefully

A. The shower.  This offers immediate cleanliness for any sweat, and you can make as many echoing “cha” noises as you like.

B. Boxing class.  This one might sound obvious, but you need a place and a time when punches are both structured and free-for-all.  I love “showing off” as much as I can to the instructors, slamming the white dots in the middle of mitts and aiming high (towards the fictional opponents head) on bags.

C. In dark alleys.  Just start punching.  See if anyone fucks with you then.

D. At your desk when your co-workers start quoting Dr. Who.

E. In a bar when someone’s picking up your bff.

F.  When you see a spider.

G. When you see a wedding or kissing pic on facebook.



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